Who We Help

MBC advises executors, estate trustees, heirs and beneficiaries who find themselves in a potential dispute concerning an estate.  MBC also advises on sophisticated tax and estate planning.

Who We Are

Led by John Hollander, the Estates Law Group (ELG) deals mainly with estate litigation.  The ELG lawyers have extensive experience in estate, tax and commercial law and related litigation. The ELG is committed to ensuring your interests and rights are protected.

What We Do

Estate litigation involves disputes over wills and powers of attorney, capacity issues, and improper use of funds or dealing with property. The court rules are different in estate cases, with mandatory mediation and the opportunity for creative solutions. The ELG has the experience and expertise to recommend ways to avoid complex and costly litigation. Because it takes common agreement to avoid court, the ELG also has the ability to offer cost-effective court solutions when negotiations fail.

The ELG prepares wills and powers of attorney for existing clients of the firm. As well, Roger Ramonat offers tax-driven trust solutions for high net-worth clients. The ELG offers advice to executors and trustees, including Roger’s tax advice based on over 30 years experience.

Lawyers practicing in this area:

Ian B. McBride

Margot Pomerleau

Roger J. Ramonat

Natalie Scott

Lorenzo Bonera