Who We Help

Our Restructuring and Insolvency Group represents both debtors and creditors, giving us unique insight into the mindsets of both sides and the ability to develop innovative, tailored and practical solutions.

Who We Are

Our Restructuring and Insolvency Group is led by J. Alden Christian. Alden is a seasoned commercial lawyer with extensive experience in bankruptcy and insolvency matters.
The Restructuring and Insolvency Group has celebrated many successes in developing and implementing successful workout plans and restructurings for individuals and corporations. Our restructuring and insolvency lawyers have represented some of Canada’s chartered banks, trustees in bankruptcy, and foreign creditors in Canadian insolvencies. They are also experienced in negotiating tax settlements with the Canada Revenue Agency and the Province of Ontario on behalf of individuals, companies and directors.

What We Do

Our Restructuring and Insolvency Group designs and implements workout plans, corporate restructurings, refinancings and buy-outs. We negotiate settlements where appropriate, or aggressively defend and advance our clients’ positions, whether they be creditors or debtors. We deliver practical and timely results, whether in the boardroom or a courtroom. Our Restructuring and Insolvency Group frequently acts as bankruptcy and insolvency counsel or agents for other lawyers and law firms.

Our services for creditors include:

  • Conducting security reviews
  • Advising on appropriate strategies and remedies
  • Conducting recovery proceedings
  • Litigating or negotiating recovery
  • Taking proceedings under all types of security, from sending demands for payment through to the completion of a sale or foreclosure

Our services for debtors include:

  • Advising on appropriate strategies to respond to creditors’ demands, notices and proceedings
  • Developing and implementing creative and practical repayment, refinancing or restructuring plans
  • Negotiating and drafting forbearance agreements where creditors agree to stay or restrict themselves from acting under their security or exercising their rights
  • Negotiating or responding to tax claims made by the Canada Revenue Agency and the Ontario Ministry of Revenue

Lawyers practicing in this area:

J. Alden Christian

Andrew D. Ferguson