Who We Help

MBC represents the interests of lenders in and around the City of Ottawa to enforce their security against defaulting borrowers.  Our experience means that we can offer our clients the efficiency and attentiveness that is needed to ensure the highest possible recovery for our clients.

What We Do

We assist our clients in navigating through the challenging process of enforcing their mortgage.  Our lawyers are experienced in both foreclosure and power of sale proceedings, the latter being the more common route.  We ensure that a Notice of Sale is issued so that is has the proper legal effect and can commence Court proceedings to obtain possession of a property.  We thereafter assist our clients in taking possession of the property with a view to satisfying the debt.

We also understand that there are times when a negotiated resolution may be the best way forward, and our lawyers assist our clients in coming to terms that will allow the orderly payment by the borrower, while at the same time not putting our clients’ interests at risk.

Lawyers practicing in this area:

J. Alden Christian

Andrew D. Ferguson

Margot Leduc Pomerleau