Obtaining a judgment is only part of the process. Often, collection of a debt can be just as difficult, or more difficult, then getting a judgment. Our lawyers know that the collection of a debt starts at the very beginning of a matter, so we always turn our minds to collection even before we have started a Court Action.

Who We Help

MBC regularly represents creditors seeking to recover on a debt. This ranges from institutional clients, to collection agencies, to corporations, to individuals. We are experienced in representing any type of client who may be seeking to be paid their debt.

What We Do

There are many options available to collect a debt, including:

  • Writs of Seizure and Sale;
  • Garnishments;
  • Examinations in Aid of Execution;
  • Recovery of property;
  • Construction liens;
  • Repairer and storer liens;
  • Granting of security (i.e. a mortgage);

The experience of our lawyers in all of these areas means that we can provide several options to our clients depending on the circumstances of each case.

Lawyers practicing in this area:

Ian B. McBride

J. Alden Christian

Stéphane P. Bond

Andrew D. Ferguson

Margot Leduc Pomerleau

Natalie Scott

Félix Poliquin-Boutin

Chelsea Sexton

Matthew Benson