MBC Law is pleased to offer residential and commercial real estate transaction services through its associated firm, Robert A. Lewis Professional Corporation (613.737.4000).

Residential Real Estate

We work together with your mortgage broker, lender, real estate agent and other professionals to take the guesswork out of your deal. We have developed systems that ensure your deal goes ahead without any surprises. We offer:

  • assistance with the review or drafting of your Agreement of Purchase and Sale;
  • unsurpassed clients service, with prompt answers when you need the;
  • very competitive pricing for our legal services, including up-front disclosure of all expected costs before your deal closes;
  • in-person meetings to review all documentation with you, and to sign all necessary documents; and
  • prompt delivery of your reporting letter and all closing documents on the day of closing – not weeks or months later.

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate transactions come with their own unique challenges. Our team has the experience and the tools to deal with these additional challenges while taking the same approach and achieving the same service levels and goals as on residential transactions.

If you are considering the purchase or sale of a commercial property, we would be happy to assist you. Commercial deals are typically more complex, and often involve considerations of tax law and corporate law. Let us bring our many years of experience to bear on your commercial real estate transaction.

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