McBride Bond Christian LLP is pleased to announce that Andrew Ferguson has chosen not to order new business cards or letterhead to proclaim his becoming a partner in the firm effective January 1, 2016 but has, instead (and being Scottish), elected to simply post this article online at no cost to enable us to share this happy news with the public.

Andrew was our first summer student, hired back as an articling student and then brought on as an associate lawyer with our predecessor firm. It feels as though he has now been with us longer than most of our computers and much of the firm furniture and we fervently hope he will outlast the depreciation of all the remaining assets before he asks to redecorate his office.        

Andrew will continue his civil litigation practice with a focus on construction liens and insolvency and restructuring matters (as well as a whole lot of boring administrative responsibilities, but we will fill him in on that later).

We hope that you will, as do we, congratulate Andrew on his new role in our firm and its future!

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